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Return Merchandise Policy:

We offer a 1 year Warranty for replacements or repairs ONLY. If your warranty has not expired, you must first send an Online Request Form to obtain a RMA number. The RMA Order number will allow our returns department to easily track your return. After receiving your RMA order number, pack the defective item(s) securely with a copy of the original invoice, and a copy of the RMA Return Request Confirmation Sheet. Customers are responsible for the shipping cost associated with shipping items back to us. We do not send out replacements on parts or complete units in advance. You first must send back the defective items so we can verify they are from the KGuard Security product line. We will also inspect they are in good condition to be replaced and have no missing parts. Products that have been tampered with, show misuse, alteration, burned by lightning, power outages, written on or coated will not be honored. Sending in the item first, will also help verify the correct model number submitted on the RMA request is the actual model purchased..

KGuard Security shall not be liable for any damages or loss sustained by the purchaser/consumer as a result of; equipment failure, interruption of service due to the product being away for replacement, electric failure, strikes, walk-outs, war, acts of God, or other causes.

Shipping Costs

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the item back to KGuard Security for review/replacement. We will handle the shipping cost for repairs and replacement products. All replacement/repaired products are shipped UPS Ground unless a rush is requested. The customer will need to pay for any cost associated with the rush shipment prior to the item being returned.